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The Dialogical Approach

AS3™ is a five step system, which uses pieces of personal narrative (your story), and stitches them into the sales encounter. AS3™ generates a dialogue (engagement) between the sales professional and the prospect.

Strike Zone Selling™

SZS™ is where we tune and retune what you have learned in AS3™ by integrating techniques like Reverse Laddering, 12 Networking Conversion Pillars, Corridoring, VPMM™ in conflict mode, Passions Tilt, and Cold Calling Applications.

Personal Narrative Process™

PNP™ crafts the story of your becoming….you will peruse your practices-the things that you do in living your life today, the birth of those practices, and the future potential of each practice.

Monday Morning Leadership Launch™

Are you ready to jumpstart your week? The MMLL™ will give you that slingshot required to be more productive, set more appointments, and get the most out of your week by starting Monday the right way--turbo-charged.

In life you have to be bold. If you settle your feet in the sand, then you won't progress. ~ BE BOLD. Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

If you aren't getting are getting worse. After all, intentional dialogue is a key discipline, and like a professional athlete’s development, your dialogue and story ‘skill development’ requires practice. Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

Organizational and personal storytelling ripens messaging in human communications. Narratives told dialogically help convey and renew future self - whether interviewing, leading or in everyday living. What does your story sound like these days? Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

“Individuals live in stories, and when they creatively participate in these stories, they are productively and passionately engaged with their lives. Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

A bad habit is easily formed and hard to live with...a good habit is hard to form but easy to live with. So what habits are you looking to understand, retool, or add to your life? Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

To live an unengaged work life is not what you are meant to be doing. Storytelling is for leadership effectiveness, living well and with delight – what are you waiting for? Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

“Stories help your message and its meaning resonate with your listeners, whether told during an interview or to help you engage a large group or team. The best stories equip listeners for retellings. Do your stories inspire others to retell them? Dennis Rebelo, CEO, University Business Consultants

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